Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lentil Tacos

We just had these tonight--and we LOVED them!! we didn't have sour cream, but the guacamole we used made up for it :) Also, i used medium sharp cheese, garden fresh tomatoes (thanks, Grandma!!) and fresh cilantro, which (in my opinion) makes everything better! I didn't have taco shells, so i just broiled some corn tortillas that i had spritzed with EVOO--they turned out perfect!



merathon said...

definitely will be trying this one, emily! thanks!

Rose said...

This was so delish - definately a repeat!

merathon said...

love this recipe-- i always add a finely diced pepper (whatever color i happen to have on hand) to the onion & garlic at the beginning. it adds a little flavor and an extra punch of vitamins!